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Survey Reveals More than Half of Real Estate Companies Lack Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans – MarketWatch

I really like this practice called: Business Continuity, Business Crisis and Continuity Management (BCCM). It is adaptable and effective, it’s a program built to perform well under the circumstances assessed, having been practiced and exercised.

This is why I share this article, shows a quick 4 steps to a Continuity Program for your real estate business.

Survey Reveals More than Half of Real Estate Companies Lack Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans – MarketWatch.

Happy Memorial Day

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First of all, I want to wish a Happy Friday to all you out there, hoping that mother nature takes a rest this weekend.

I wanted to first, thank Caroline Milligan (@mm4marketing) and Scott Reuter (@sct_r) for making this incredible resource available for the world. The VOST Basics and NZ VOST Training Guide – in my opinion – that these two professionals in #SMEM have come up with.

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Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Today Dr. Gregory Shaw Co-Director of the Crisis, disaster & risk management of the George Washington University, Washington DC, taught us the difference between Business Continuity (BC) and Emergency Management (EM) , and I narrowed it down to: BC as being the proactive approach to responding to, recovering from and returning to the normal state of operations prior to an incident; versus EM as being the reactive approach to responding to an incident where plans have been made, but may have lacked the exercises needed to measure performance.

I will keep posting more on Business Crisis and continuity management throughout the semester. Hoping I can come up with a good practical Business Continuity Program for the Honduran Consulate in Washington DC.
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