Back to Work in Honduras

I want to share that I have back in Honduras, working gracefully at the Permanent Contingency Committee, or by its acronym, COPECO (Comisión Permanente de Contingencias).
Ain’t it nice, to go back to work, knowing that the institutions personnel is: friendly, capable, competent, and have the capacity to work harmoniously? Well, that’s how I feel. COPECO and it’s Minister, Lisandro Rosales @lisandrorosales has been the most capable and competent person I’ve had the honor the work with, as well as the Governmental institution where things are made to happen.
When I left COPECO, to pursue my Master Degree in Engineering Management in Crisis Disaster and Risk at the George Washington University in Washington DC, COPECO was just initializing it’s processes to restructure and optimize the Honduras System for Risk Management.
Te years later, with open arms, I am received, and I find myself dumbfounded by the advancements, even a Doppler Radar, wow.
Finally, I want to thank God and life for giving me life synchronicity towards achieving great results for a common good.

From Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Carlos Castillo