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After reading Scotts blog post I felt the need to tell you all out there that VOST is the real deal. VOST is like Gracie JiuJitsu, in the sense that you can prove it really works, but only if you practice it, but the results are immediate. I had the honor, privilege and opportunity to be part of one VOSTofficial effort and it was for the Zozobra Celebration in new Mexico. I worked alongside Jeff Phillips of the Los Ranchos EM and also along other big VOST players Scott has already mentioned. My ultimate opinion of what I experienced was of fulfillment and accomplishment because I felt I was making a difference and watching out for all the individuals postín their concerns (and happy thoughts) on social media platforms. @smemchat @smem

think disaster: a blog by Scott Reuter (@sct_r)


I really enjoyed participating yesterday in a Presidential Inauguration 2013 social media monitoring exercise.

This came about because of a conversation between colleagues during our weekly twitter #smemchat. A few of us discussed the possibility of monitoring social media during the inauguration, then set up a Skype chat room and invited all who wanted to participate to join us there to discuss what we’d like to do.

We set up monitoring tools and saved all official social media accounts related to the inaugural event and important websites to one handy document so that the monitoring team could share and have access to them. In that same document (called a “workbook” when we use it for official activations), we also shared our contact info and logged major actions taken, as well as things that we noticed were happening during the event on social media.

We kept in touch about what we…

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