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SuperBowl Power Out

The SuperBowl XLVII power out has amazed everyone in the world. Some are angry because the game hasn’t ended (gamblers, bookies, the Ravens as well) some are happy (49ers, Channel Owners, Broadcasters, fans at the stadium, beer producers and chicken wing producers). What I worry is about the NFLs Continuity Managers and Crisis Management team, no one knows why it got disrupted, and it took and extra 15 minutes to turn the power back on. Could have this been a cyber attack? Authorities should be checking the network grid for suspicious activity as well. 

I would like to hear some comments on what alternatives and recommendations we can come up within order to reduce the probability of a power outage like the one in the SuperDome today.


Power is on!!! Game is back! Enjoy it. Imagine the 49ers win it? 


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