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Amazing how distinguished the different types of generation are. I believe that not only in the private sector, but the public sector, leaders and decision makers should know how to approach different type of employees based on their Generation and how to team them up.
I wonder what is a “Dream Team” composed of? How many Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millenials in a team?


How to Plan & Build a VOST for your Community or Organization

I share this amazing piece of information given to the world by @sct_r Scott Reuter. This short guide to setting up a #VOST is great start to setting up VOST in your community.

think disaster: a blog by Scott Reuter (@sct_r)

Today’s the one year anniversary of the VOST Initiative, and in honor of all of the good work that’s been done by the VOST Initiative group and our “Osbourne” VOST Team, and the other VOST groups that are beginning to spring up, I thought I’d share some thoughts on VOST advocacy and setup. *

Why a VOST? (Social Media Preparedness.)
Many people in the SMEM (Social Media in Emergency Management) community are expressing interest in starting a VOST, or Virtual Operation Support Team. While it’s possible to set up a social media operation from scratch with new volunteers during a disaster, it can be very difficult and distracting. It’s not possible to plan for every eventuality, but having some core volunteers in place, having a plan, and being proficient with some basic social media tools will make activating your team for a social media disaster effort…

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Introducing MicroMappers for Digital Disaster Response

When it comes to Digital Networks and the future of the internet, this is where it should point. Patrick, thank you for leading in the Crisis mapping and #SMEM world, your efforts should inspire most of us, to turn to volunteering, in saving lives.


The UN activated the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) on December 3, 2012 to carry out a rapid damage needs assessment in response to Typhoon Pablo in the Philippines. More specifically, the UN requested that Digital Humanitarians collect and geo-reference all tweets with links to pictures or video footage capturing Typhoon damage. To complete this mission, I reached out to my colleagues at CrowdCrafting. Together, we customized a microtasking app to filter, classify and geo-reference thousands of tweets. This type of rapid damage assessment request was the first of its kind, which means that setting up the appropriate workflows and technologies took a while, leaving less time for the tagging, verification and analysis of the multimedia content pointed to in the disaster tweets. Such is the nature of innovation; optimization takes place through iteration and learning.

Microtasking is key to the future of digital humanitarian response, which is…

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Cyber Security or CyberCARE?

The Hot Topic is Cyber security, cyber warfare, cyber crime, cyber attacks or like Christopher Wallace calls it “Cyber Intrusion” in which I totally agree. First of all, we should first focus on taking the word “war” out of the picture. By continuously using “war”, WE (as a society) assume that Departments/Ministries of Defense (Government), are responsible for dealing with intrusions to the Public and Private Sector. 

Should Government be liable for attacks coming from a foreign “ally” country to the private sector (Critical Infrastructure)?

Yesterday a very diverse and smart group of Graduate Classmates (myself included) had a great discussion about cyber security and how it mixes with DHS and Private Sector. At the end, I began to fear that “Cyber…..” may be headed towards the same path as #HealthCARE. It seems that cyber security is creating great “business” for a particular group. Why control the firewalls, when people need “someone” to protect their identity or safety, online? Is the population ready for another expense in their lives or businesses?

I would like to know what are the next steps to Cyber Intrusion securities in the U.S. and throughout the world? Will the internet be as dangerous as the “back alley” in the worst place you can imagine? Should there be a detraction strategy, regarding the limits of technology in combination with critical infrastructure and key resources?

Thanks for your opinion and comments.  

SuperBowl Power Out

The SuperBowl XLVII power out has amazed everyone in the world. Some are angry because the game hasn’t ended (gamblers, bookies, the Ravens as well) some are happy (49ers, Channel Owners, Broadcasters, fans at the stadium, beer producers and chicken wing producers). What I worry is about the NFLs Continuity Managers and Crisis Management team, no one knows why it got disrupted, and it took and extra 15 minutes to turn the power back on. Could have this been a cyber attack? Authorities should be checking the network grid for suspicious activity as well. 

I would like to hear some comments on what alternatives and recommendations we can come up within order to reduce the probability of a power outage like the one in the SuperDome today.


Power is on!!! Game is back! Enjoy it. Imagine the 49ers win it? 

Virtual Operations Support VOS

After reading Scotts blog post I felt the need to tell you all out there that VOST is the real deal. VOST is like Gracie JiuJitsu, in the sense that you can prove it really works, but only if you practice it, but the results are immediate. I had the honor, privilege and opportunity to be part of one VOSTofficial effort and it was for the Zozobra Celebration in new Mexico. I worked alongside Jeff Phillips of the Los Ranchos EM and also along other big VOST players Scott has already mentioned. My ultimate opinion of what I experienced was of fulfillment and accomplishment because I felt I was making a difference and watching out for all the individuals postín their concerns (and happy thoughts) on social media platforms. @smemchat @smem

think disaster: a blog by Scott Reuter (@sct_r)


I really enjoyed participating yesterday in a Presidential Inauguration 2013 social media monitoring exercise.

This came about because of a conversation between colleagues during our weekly twitter #smemchat. A few of us discussed the possibility of monitoring social media during the inauguration, then set up a Skype chat room and invited all who wanted to participate to join us there to discuss what we’d like to do.

We set up monitoring tools and saved all official social media accounts related to the inaugural event and important websites to one handy document so that the monitoring team could share and have access to them. In that same document (called a “workbook” when we use it for official activations), we also shared our contact info and logged major actions taken, as well as things that we noticed were happening during the event on social media.

We kept in touch about what we…

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Why are we always so Unprepared? Reminder of why to prepare.

Its 9:20am and as I walk from the parking lot to the nearby coffee shop in Downtown DC, I notice most people unprepared for a possible snow storm that may or may not shut down the city and surrounding DC Metro area for a couple of hours.

Even though we are all aware of the weather forecast, we yet again miss out on the important details like: PREPAREDNESS, READINESS, CONTINUITY PLANS. What if you can’t open your business tomorrow, or can’t commute to work? As a worried and responsible citizen we are all responsible for preparing for the unexpected to later fulfill our responsibilities as service providers to society. 

Identifying the resources and dedicating significant time to plan and prepare will be very rewarding thus minimizing the effects of an adverse event. Thanks to our friends @FEMA provides #preparedness tips for you to stay safe and prepare for the unexpected. It’s never to late to prepare. 

@AmericanRedCross also provides very useful resources for preparedness 

iDisaster2.0 Interesting and worrisome

iDisaster2.0 Interesting and worrisome

Kim Stephens has recently published this blog post that caught my attention. Why did this specific Social Media operative not pass on the important information down to the competent authorities? WMATA Twitter Operatives have a responsibility towards its users. Please give it a thought.